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Effect of Production Strategies on Firm Performance of Equator Bottlers Company Limited in Kisumu County Kenya: The Moderating Role of Government Policy


Otiso Ratemo James*

Production strategies improve organization performance in many organizations. These strategies require improvement of innovation ideas. Firms are making use of production strategies in provisions of services and production activities in the business which enable them to meet market situation. The main objective for this study is to assess production strategies and firm performance in bottlers firms in Equator in Kisumu. The study employed correlation design with target population of 845 employees chosen through stratified sampling and simple techniques. The sample of 387 employees was chosen by stratified random sampling and simple sampling techniques. The major research instruments were the questionnaire for primary data. The study conducted pilot study from Eldoret bottler’s limited using Cronbach alpha value of above 0.7. The study adopted both inferential and descriptive statistics using mean, and percentage presented by tables for interpretations. Correlation and regression analysis was chosen to establish relationship of variables. The findings showed that production strategy was mostly applied resulted to improve cost of returns for firm performance. Further, it was noted that strategic management of equator bottlers can review firm performance of 5 years and above.

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