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Enhancing Neurological Patient Outcomes through Sensory Replaced Functional Training


Robert Laurie* and Martin Drake

Neurological conditions often result in sensory deficits, impacting patients' functional abilities and overall quality of life. SRFT, an innovative therapeutic approach, aims to compensate for sensory impairments by using technology to replace or augment lost sensory input. By providing real-time feedback and stimulation, SRFT can facilitate neural plasticity and promote motor learning in neurological patients. This comprehensive review synthesizes existing literature on the effectiveness of SRFT in improving neurological patient outcomes, such as motor function, balance, and activities of daily living. The analysis highlights the positive impact of SRFT on neural reorganization and functional recovery, particularly in stroke, traumatic brain injury, and peripheral neuropathy patients. Furthermore, this abstract discusses the potential challenges and future directions for SRFT implementation, emphasizing the need for personalized and evidence-based approaches in clinical practice. Overall, the findings underscore the significance of SRFT as a promising adjunctive therapy for enhancing neurological patient outcomes and advancing neurorehabilitation strategies.

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