Астрофизика и аэрокосмические технологии

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Mars: Humanoids, Bodies, Bones, Skulls, UFOs, UAPs, Spacecraft Wreckage


Rhawn Gabriel Joseph and Rudolph Schild

For thousands of years there have been reports of extra-terrestrial beings and “sky boats” that have visited Earth as recounted in ancient texts from India, Egypt and Greece. During WWII five UFOs appeared above Los Angeles and were impervious to attack and pilots from “allied” and “enemy” countries were repeatedly harassed by extra-terrestrial craft referred to as “Foo Fighters.” In 2023 the U.S. Congress heard testimony that military pilots have repeatedly encountered UFOs and UAPs and those government agencies have obtained the wreckage of and bodies from extra-terrestrial spacecraft. In this report we provide a sample of official NASA Mars photographs of what appears to be the wreckage and debris from extra-terrestrial spacecraft, partially buried bones, the body of a “humanoid” stretched out on a “cushion;” the head of a “humanoid” possibly wearing a metal device on the front of its “face” and adjacent to a cratered debris field, two “humanoid” skulls including one that is atop what may be a raised elongated burial mound, UAPs/UFOs photographed in the skies of Mars and a silver-saucer shaped structure upon the ground. We hypothesize that government agencies refuse to acknowledge any evidence for extra-terrestrial life, be it UAPs or fungi on Mars, because they fear that religious and government authority will be challenged and undermined.

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