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The Nature of Violence: Origins and Prevention of Healthcare Violence


Sylvia Mcknight

Violence in healthcare is a prominent global concern. To prevent violence it is necessary to have an organized plan of action against violence. It is vital to learn where violence originates and then to develop an organized interventional plan to prevent violence. This article analyzes the origins [causes and risk factors] of violence and delineates the process and development of an evidence based violence prevention plan designed to negate violence risk factors and prevent violence. Specific techniques are presented for prevention and de-escalation of aggression to prevent violence. Strategies are determined for development and implementation of effective violence prevention plan utilizing holistic evidence based interventions to prevent/reduce healthcare violence for a safe and therapeutic environment for everyone. Implications for practice are strategies for best practice in safety and violence prevention. Environmental, patient and caregiver interventions for prevention of aggression and violence in healthcare facilities is delineated as well as psychosocial management of aggressive behavior for safety in the healthcare environment. An effective violence prevention educational plan is presented for holistic applications for decreasing healthcare violence promoting mental health, wellness and recovery.

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