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Utilizing Innovative Genomic Evaluation, Chemical Pathways and Unaffected Genes are established


Kosuke Shen

Future research will be required to comprehend the precise mechanisms of action of MNK1 and TOP3A as well as their potential as diagnostic or therapeutic markers. These novel risk-related genes have been identified as MNK1 and TOP3A. We have prioritized 14 functionally connected genes as endometriosis risk-associated factors through integrative genomic analyses. These genes are highly enriched in immune and metabolic pathways, indicating their role in the pathogenesis of the illness. Their potential as important players in endometriosis is further supported by the validation of aberrant gene expression levels and the discovery of novel genes, MNK1 and TOP3A. These findings pave the way for future targeted therapeutic approaches and offer important new insights into the molecular mechanisms underlying endometriosis.

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