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Объем 2, Проблема 1 (2018)

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Amalgamation of Innovation and Elegance in Drug Delivery

Shende P, Sable A

With the advent of new technology, there are many advances in the field of drug delivery for sustained or controlled release of drug. The conventional drug delivery is undergoing reforms to develop new and innovative drug delivery systems (DDS). The concept of elegant DDS involves the administration of drug or combination of drugs in innovative and attractive way without individuals’ acceptable route like administration of antifungal drugs for paronychia using medicated nail lacquer. Other systems involved are medicated lipsticks, medicated tattoos, medicated chewing gum, etc. Also in the era of wearable technology and artificial intelligence, use of wearable’s to monitor and diagnose different disease conditions like anaphylaxis and cardiac disease is the area of interest for research. All these wearable’s and formulations are used to provide an elegant look as well as therapeutic effect. The present review highlights the present scenario of different elegant DDSs and also focuses on their method of preparation, excipients and also the evaluation parameters. The elegant drug delivery will be the modernised cosmeceuticals for management and treatment of complicated conditions in near future.

Тематическое исследование

Bioavailability of Drugs versus Dietary Supplements


Statement of the problem: A prospective, randomized clinical trial (case study) over 40 patients undergoing surgical procedures.
Methodology and theoretical orientation: To give Pregabalin (Lyrica) 75 mg 2 h or more before surgery then 75 mg QHS for 3 days postoperative, to be reassessed by acute pain service team if extension needed. Then add Celecoxib (if not contraindicated) 200-400 mg tablet 1 h before surgery then 200 mg BID for 3 days only. Ranitidine 150 mg BID could be added. Surgical site-specific regional analgesia whenever possible, PCA morphine can be used if indicated and as a backup plan for breakthrough pain. Then post-operatively, Pregabalin, Celecoxib, Solpadine 2 tablets Q6 h or TID. Findings: 30 patients came calm pre-op., smooth for GA, RA blocks, other 10 patients little anxious. All patients examined second day; 30 patients had smooth sleep, no pain after regional blocks, needed PCA morphine 1-5 mg (10 patients). Other 10 patients continued only on oral tablets.
Conclusion and significance: the new pre-emptive multimodal analgesic combination is safe and effective postoperative. Lyrica regimen may reduce severity of adverse effects of the opioid. Regular review, follow up of patients postoperative by APS team for 4 days is mandatory.

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Ketamine - A Potent Anaesthetic Drug

 Ali Saad

Explanation of the problem: Study of ketamine postoperative for paediatrics as analgesics in kids gathering to accomplish great absence of pain, diminish opioid utilization postoperative. Target patients in the event that review are paediatrics over 1-year age (a half year to 6 years old).
Strategy and Theoretical Orientation:
1-2 mg/kg of ketamine was given IM postoperative in 42 paediatric cases and after that evaluate understanding solace and agony seriousness in recuperation space for 30 minutes postoperative up to 12 hours in ward.
Discoveries: Achieve great smooth easy recuperation and diminishing opioid utilization, arousable reacting to charges kid with kept up unconstrained breathing causing absence of pain up to 12 hours postoperative in 30 of 42 cases. The rest of the 12 required postoperative analgesics following 6 hours.
Conclusion and significance: Ketamine can be given 1 mg/kg IM in the wake of completing surgery before exudation; particularly if different analgesics neglected to calm torment with full close perception and fundamental signs checking of tyke in recuperation space for 30 minutes postoperative at that point survey tyke agony, vitals and cognizant level before moving to ward.

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