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Study on Antidepressant Drug to Cure Depression

Naveen Aswal, Sudhir Kumar Singh and Praneeth Kamarapu

Depression is a common mental disorder that present with improper sleep, loss on interest or pleasure including sex, feeling of hopelessness, Low appetite, mood swings and improper concentration and it may occurs in person of all age and gender. Depression may cause various severe physical illnesses like heart stroke, Parkinson, cancer, Diabetes etc. Now a day depression is leading problem which is commonly seen in every second person. According to WHO survey more than 300 million peoples are affected by depression. It may due to family issue, mental, Alcoholism etc. Depression may affect the social behavior of person among the family member and if it is worst it will leads to the suicide. 800,000 people will commit suicide every year due to depression and it is the measure second largest leading cause of death in younger one having age of 18-28. Although there are many treatment therapies for depression but only 10% peoples will receive such treatment and remaining one either commit suicide or having mental issues including improper sleep, anxiety, anger, Neuro disorders etc. The treatment of depression includes Psychotherapy, Electroconvulsive therapy, Natural alternative and at the last Medication which are explained very well in this article.

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