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Объем 6, Проблема 6 (2022)


Healthy Volunteers to Assess Amino Acid Plasma Profiles from a Prolonged′Release Protein Replacement

Huang Tian

In a previous article, we described how Confocal Raman Spectroscopy was used to look at the topical transport of active ingredients and excipients. Also, we have compared the outcomes of with those of in vitro diffusion tests on human skin. To yet, however, has only been applied as a semiquantitative technique for estimating chemical absorption via the skin, with outcomes reported as arbitrary signal intensity units. This obviously presented difficulties for determining skin distribution and evaluating the medication bioavailability and bioequivalence of topical preparations utilising.The penetration of niacin amide from different formulations in human skin was examined in the current study both in vivo and in vitro utilising a quantitative approach and limited dosage circumstances.


Features of Biopharmaceutics to Address the Bio Waiver of Immediate and Longer Release Tablets

Alesya Rania*

Pharmacokinetic profile and few adverse effects, gliclazide is listed as an important medication by the World Health Organization and Brazil as an alternative to metformin, the oral antidiabetic agent of first preference for the treatment of type diabetes mellitus. Due to this, it is also taken into account by and the International Pharmaceutical Federation as a drug candidate for, which is an assessment of how favourable the biopharmaceutics characteristics are in order to obtain waiver from the relative bioavailability/bioequivalence studies in order to register new medicines. This essay provides a review of solubility, permeability, and dissolution. A rigorous study of the evidence enabled to identify gliclazide as a Biopharmaceutics Classification System Class medication.

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