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Объем 7, Проблема 2 (2023)


A Systematic Review of Docetaxel′s Ocular Surface Side Effects in the Treatment of Breast Cancer

Bjad Repka

Breast cancer is a prevalent malignancy affecting women worldwide. Docetaxel, a chemotherapy drug, has been widely used as an effective treatment for breast cancer. While its efficacy in combating cancer cells is well-documented, the potential ocular side effects of docetaxel have gained increasing attention in recent years. This systematic review aims to critically analyze the literature on docetaxel's ocular surface side effects and their implications for breast cancer patients. A comprehensive search was conducted using various databases including MEDLINE and Cochrane Library. Only studies published in English from March 2000 to September 2021 were considered for this review. The inclusion criteria were studies reporting ocular surface side effects associated with docetaxel treatment in breast cancer patients.

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