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Объем 5, Проблема 4 (2016)

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A Search Algorithm

Behera BC

This is an algorithm which has the same time complexity as that of linear search of “O (n)”. But still it is better than “linear search” in terms of execution time. Let A[ ] be the array of some size N. If the element which we want to search is at any position before “N/2” than “my-search and linear-search” both will have execution time, but the magic happens when the search element is after “N/2” position. Suppose the element want to search is at nth position, then using the linear search will find the element after nth iteration, but using “my-search” we can search the element after 1st iteration itself. Elements in (N-i)th position can be found in the (I+1)th iteration i.e. suppose size is 1000 than element in 1000th position can be found in 1st iteration, similarly 999 in 2nd iteration and process goes on like this.

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Simulations of Three-dimensional Second Grade Fluid Flow Analysis in Converging-Diverging Nozzle

Ahmed S and Bano Z

Very little work have been reported on the computational methods for non-Newtonian fluid turbulent flows. This is due to nonlinear system of elliptic partial differential equations that makes the solution very difficult. Another concern is the meshing of flow domain that accounts for complications in solving most problems. In this work we present standard Galerkin finite element method for the steady incompressible non Newtonian fluid flow in a convergingdiverging nozzle. The flow is fully three-dimensional with turbulent characteristics. The main aim is to study the velocity and shear stress profiles. Shock profiles are noted for specific pressure boundary conditions. Moreover the plotted results shows variations of velocity components, pressure and turbulence energy dissipation. It is observed that for non-Newtonian fluid flow the mass flow rate and pressure loss effects are significant in diverging part of nozzle.

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Estimations of s-Numbers of an Infinite Matrix Operator on H1β Spaces

Abd El Ghaffar H

In this paper we study conditions that an infinite matrix has to satisfy in order to define a linear bounded operator from any weighted with a weight sequence ß={ ßi} of positive numbers into itself, and give upper and lower estimations of the approximation numbers of such an infinite matrix.  

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Discovery of Long Tail Keywords in Paid Search

Tesiero J

The following work describes an elegant, efficient keyword clustering method to discover long tail keywords in paid search data. In keyword auctions, such words often go undiscovered as their cost in being bid to higher ranking positions is deemed too high to justify the potential of significantly added conversion revenue. By discovering clusters with low volume keywords and established, high-performing and high volume keywords, the quality of the low volume (long tail) keywords is inferred by association.

After a brief introduction, the data used to train the clustering algorithm is described. Then, the data reduction process (the discovery of the most predictive features) is described. We then describe the method, followed by the results and interpretation.

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A Mathematical Model to Describe Sense Ecosystems and Seven Senses

Salmani D, Khaneghah EM, Salmani A and Nobari S

The notion of sense is one of the scopes in which two anthroposophy notions of Reductionism and System Thinking have tangible and objective appearance that with growth and sublimation, the sense of using both contents is proposed as a necessity. The systematic view is used to understand the sense in lower layers according to view of reductionism in meaningful layers. In this article a mathematical pattern for describing the Ecosystem of the emotions is used with redefining the human emotion communications and interactions for recognition and perception of environment and defining the definition of functional distortion in the time of activity emotions. The function of human emotions ecosystem is rational of this content that if an interaction distortion or dynamic distortion happens in the process of answering to emotions, there is a need to end this process. In this a mathematical pattern based time description for happening the dynamic distortion and interaction distortion is proposed.

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Riemann Hypothesis Clay Institute Millennium Problem Solution

Cusack P

This paper explains how the Riemann Hypothesis is a critical line which results from the Golden Mean Parabola skewed at 60 degrees. The equation gives the roots to the serial of Prime Numbers. The 6-0 degree failure Plane comes from soil physics.

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The Generalized Semi Normed Difference of χ3 Sequence Spaces Defined by Orlicz Function

Vishnu Narayan Mishra, Deepmala, Subramanian N and Lakshmi Narayan Mishra

In this paper we introduced generalized semi normed difference of triple gai sequence spaces defined by an Orlicz function. We study their different properties and obtain some inclusion relations involving these semi normed difference triple gai sequence spaces.

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Steady Mixed Convective Hydromagnetic Flow Past a Vertical Porous Plate in Presence of Source and Sink

Selvarani S, Beulah RD and Shyamala M

Purpose: This paper deals with the steady mixed convective hydromagnetic flow past a vertical porous plate embedded in a homogeneous porous medium in presence of source and sink.

Findings: The objective is to obtain the solution by using homotopy analysis method. The zeroth order and mth order deformations equations are obtained by using HAM.

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Control of Road Traffic Using Learning Classifier System

Rezaee A

Road traffic control through proper control of junction signals is one of the complicated control issues. A conventionally used system is the rule-based system which is often employed in designing systems with deterministic states. In this paper, we have tried to study the control issue with the idea of distributed control through using Learning Classifier Systems (LCS). It means, controlling signal of any junction is done separately from other junctions through an independent Learning Classifier System and with the purpose of decreasing the lines of automobiles queue in the conduced streets to the junction. Furthermore, learning classifier systems have been used in order to control junction traffic within distributed control system.

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