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Insights into Intestinal Stoma Formation and Reversal in Advanced Epithelial Ovarian Cancer


Anna Laura

The intricate journey of managing advanced epithelial ovarian cancer often presents clinicians with a diverse array of decisions, each carrying the potential to impact patient outcomes significantly. One distinctive element in this decision-making process is the consideration of creating intestinal stomas as part of the surgical management. This article takes a comprehensive look at the trends and consequences of intestinal stoma formation in the surgical treatment of women with advanced epithelial ovarian cancer. It not only examines the prevalence of this practice but also uncovers an unexpected link to long-term survival rates. In the landscape of ovarian cancer treatment, the incorporation of intestinal stomas has risen as a crucial component of surgical strategy. Surprisingly, a noteworthy 14.5% of women who underwent surgical intervention for advanced epithelial ovarian cancer opted for an intestinal stoma. This practice, designed to reduce complications and enhance the patients' overall quality of life, has become an essential facet of the multidisciplinary approach employed to combat this challenging disease.

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