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Inventing a Device to Prevent Medication Errors


Mohammadmasoud Mahmoudi1*, Fardin Rastegar2, Parnia Toudehfallah3, Pouyan Ghorbani4, Shaghayegh Nouroz, Mahyar Mahmoudi6 and Amirhossein Jafari Yeganeh7

Background: Medication errors are common incidences in the nursing profession, which could lead to the increased length of hospital stay and treatment costs and occasionally severe damage to the patients or even mortality. The Many studies have investigated medication errors, with a few considering medication errors as a severe issue in the clinical setting. The aim of this study is working on approaches for preventing medication error.

Methods: This project started with a new researcher idea then by searching in the scientific content of articles and book, the title and proposal the project was compiled with opinion of the supervisor. Then model of the device was designed in collaboration with graphic & mechanical engineers. The main tool was invented by the researchers.

Results: Based on the results of these studies, one of the best ways to prevent medication errors and their side effects that cause death and disability is to use preventive devices, and the medication error prevention device was designed with this goal in mind. In addition, it is recommended to modify preventive policies such as the production of tools such as medication error prevention device.

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