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Metal Detection Biosensor Using Enhanced Green Fluorescent Protein Platform


Philip Gomes*

The development of sensitive and efficient biosensors for metal detection is of paramount importance for various applications including environmental monitoring, food safety and medical diagnostics. This study presents a novel approach using an Enhanced Green Fluorescent Protein (EGFP) platform as the foundation for a metal detection biosensor. By fusing EGFP with metal-binding peptides, the biosensor achieves enhanced specificity and sensitivity for targeted metal ions. The biosensor operates based on the principle that metal ions bind to the modified EGFP, inducing changes in its fluorescence emission spectrum. These alterations in fluorescence properties serve as quantifiable indicators of metal presence and concentration. The versatility of EGFP as a platform enables the development of biosensors tailored to detect specific metal ions, offering flexibility in addressing diverse metal contamination concerns. This technology offers several advantages, including real-time monitoring, rapid response and non-destructive detection. Furthermore, the biosensor's compatibility with various sample matrices and potential for miniaturization contribute to its applicability in field and point-of-care settings. The integration of an EGFP platform with metal detection enhances our ability to identify and quantify metal contaminants, contributing to improved safety and health across various sectors.

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