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Rapid Electrochemical Biosensor for Detecting Pathogenic E. coli in Licorice Extract


George Rubin*

The safety and quality of food products are of paramount importance to public health. The presence of pathogenic bacteria such as Escherichia coli (E. coli) poses a significant threat to consumable goods. This study presents the development of a rapid electrochemical biosensor designed for the effective detection of pathogenic E. coli in liquorice extract. Leveraging the principles of biorecognition and electrochemistry, the biosensor offers a sensitive and specific platform for the direct identification of E. coli within complex food matrices. The biosensor design involves functionalizing an electrode surface with specific antibodies that selectively bind to E. coli antigens. Upon E. coli binding, a measurable electrochemical signal is generated, allowing for quantitative analysis. The electrochemical biosensor not only reduces detection time compared to traditional culture-based methods but also minimizes sample processing steps, enabling real-time monitoring and enhanced throughput.

Liquorice extract, a commonly used ingredient in various food and herbal products, can harbour microbial contaminants, including E. coli. The electrochemical biosensor's ability to swiftly and accurately detect pathogenic E. coli in liquorice extract addresses a critical need for quality assurance and consumer safety. Its specificity ensures minimal false positives, while its rapidity facilitates timely interventions in food processing and distribution chains. In validation experiments, the electrochemical biosensor demonstrated high sensitivity and reproducibility for detecting pathogenic E. coli strains spiked into liquorice extract. The results underscore the biosensor's potential to become an essential tool for ensuring the safety of food products and raw materials, contributing to the prevention of foodborne illnesses and safeguarding public health.

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