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Surprises in the Return-rates of Photons from a Mirror on the Moon


Hans Deyssenroth*

What happens to a laser beam that points from the bottom of a train (at rest) to a point in the ceiling when the train is moving very fast? Will the beam still hit this point, or will it hit the ceiling behind this point? In the years around 1900 scientists were convinced that photons get a lateral momentum in the direction of movement, because they are particles. But R. Feynman concluded that a mirror emits new photons and is therefore a light source and together with Einstein’s second postulate of the STR the laser beam should hit the ceiling behind this point. This can be tested with the return rates of photons from a mirror on the moon. The results show clearly with an error of probability <10-80 that photons do not get a lateral momentum but arrive at that location where the earth was 2.55 seconds before.

Besides the detection of an additional velocity of earth in the universe this article proves that Einstein’s geometric space-time idea is wrong because the physical basis for that is wrong.

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