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Pregnant Patients with COVID−19 Infection get General Anesthesia


Ahmed Khan

The COVID-19 coronavirus makes providing perioperative treatment to pregnant patients more delicate. The objective of this study is to investigate postoperative complications and hemodynamic stability in COVID- 19 positive pregnant women undergoing spinal anesthesia while giving birth. In this prospective experimental investigation at a tertiary teaching sanitarium in Jordan, 31 COVID-19 positive parturients were linked between January and June 2021. While each COVID- 19 negative parturient was paired with a COVID- 19 positive parturient, every COVID- 19 positive parturient underwent anesthesia under the same circumstances as the control group. Of the 31 COVID-19 cases, 22 (71) had generally good health, and 8 (25.7) underwent successful emergency caesarean sections. The sensitive level of spinal block in the COVID- 19 positive group appeared after 10 twinkles was T4(T4-T6) in the COVID- 19 positive group as opposed to T8(T6- T10).

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