Контроль и ликвидация малярии

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Testing the bio-efficacy of Inesfly Carbapaint 10 (Propoxur 1.0% w/w): household insecticide repellent paint against Anopheles mosquitoes in Keffi, Nasarawa State, Nigeria.


Yako Andrew Bmibmitawuza1,2*, Hassan Suleiman Chuntah1,2 Olayinka Michael Daniel2 and Igboanugo Sunday Iwunor2

The increasing insecticide resistant population of A. gambiae S.l. mosquitoes in Nigeria and most of West Africa and other parts of the sub-Saharan
regions of Africa is becoming worrisome and currently, it’s becoming a threat to the tools widely used for vector control. Though, resistance
developed faster in most areas where pyrethroids previously, has been tried alone than those places tried with other earlier applications such as
Organophosphates, Organochlorine and the Carbamates group inclusive. The higher coverage of Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) is suggestive of
effective susceptibility in vector species of Anopheles tried in Nasarawa state, Nigeria using Inesfly Carbapaint 10 (Propoxur 1.0 w/w) insecticidal
paint. The wall cone bio-assay used, a primer was employed to prime a cemented plaster surface and wooden board under laboratory condition
within the 24–48 hours before the paint application. The primer was allowed to get dried up within a given time frame before the Inesfly Carbapaint
10 (Propoxur 1.0% w/w) insecticidal paint was applied at the dosage of 8 m2/L for cement plaster surface and wooden board drying at room
temperature for 5 consecutive days. The wall-cone bio-assay and the varied wall cemented plaster surface parameters of 0.5 ml, 1.0 m and 1.5
m and wooden board were both treated with 1.0% propoxur painted substrates in 24 hours post exposure to validate 6 months post application.
The bio-efficacy and durability of indoor residual treatment with propoxur 1.0% w/w insecticidal paint from February to July, 2018 (6 months) were
shaded on the primer substrate. The wild A. gambiae mosquitoes after 24 hours of observation, showed 100% knockdown/mortality at varied conebioassay
wall parameters height. Monthly distribution gave susceptibility result treatment with low toxicity effect and the results presented as Mean
± standard deviations of triplicate observations (100.00 ± 0.00). From the tried result under laboratory strain condition, with increased in those risk
from malaria with Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) admixed microencapsulated insecticidal paint have proven positive result activities and broad
spectrum against insects and agricultural pests with greater hope to public health and decreasing in cases of malaria transmission. Indeed, the
carbamates based insecticides is on the most preferred in the fight against malaria vector as such, should further paired or synergize with other
affluent pyrethroids based to intensify were possible, high level of susceptibility, knockdown, hoping that new-age additional classes of insecticides
(Pyrrole and Neonicotinoid) will become available for the control of adult mosquito.

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